VirtuGrp (2023-08-18)
Extracticon och VirtuGrp bildar gemensamt bolag

Det gemensamma bolaget skall leverera och tillgängliggöra Lequinox DLT platform i Tornio IoT platform.

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VirtuGrp (2023-08-11)
Extracticon och dotterbolaget Lequa Net etablerar strategiskt partnerskap med VirtuGrp

Partnerskapet innebär att Extracticon och Lequa Net tillförs specialistkompetens inom Telecom (5G), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificiell Intelligens (AI), m.m.

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HPE Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Shift to digital transforms construction management at Interoc

Interoc is a Swedish construction firm with revenues of €40m. To ensure it remains rock-solid on industry compliance, and to better manage its numerous construction projects, the business has switched from paper-based reporting to an all-digital, cloud-based solution. The switch has generated cost savings, reduced risk and strengthened Interoc’s position in the market.

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HPE Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Experience the Future of Quality Management – Today

by Steve Fearn, Distinguished Technologist HPE Pointnext

”It’s hard to think of a set of processes that’s more crucial to a manufacturer’s success than quality management – especially given today’s accelerated production schedules and the proliferation of options and extras, amounting almost to customization, on many manufactured goods. Yet many quality assurance and control processes remain dependent on manual and human inputs to a quite surprising extent….”

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